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Finding Europe with Lights

We want to connect Europe with RGB-Values


In cooperation with re:publica
re:publica 2015

We want to support the beautiful motto of re:publica #9 „Finding Europe“ with the project „Finding Europe with lights“. 28 light-sensors equipped with a mobile internet connection will be sent to 28 hosts in the 28 european member-states. You will be able to follow their path to the destination because they will send GPS-coordinates while on their journey. When re:publica opens it’s doors on May 5th, you will find 28 hand-made lamps on the ground that are connected to these sensors. These lamps will show the colors of Europe. If the sun is shining in Portugal, the lamp will shine bright, if France is seeing the sun rising later than Bulgaria the lamp will show that difference to early visitors of the trade-faire.

We believe that the internet can contribute to more than just smarter homes, connected cars and tracking your heart rate. The internet of things can act as a motor to make a better society as well by connecting even more people with open source technology. Finding Europe with Lights wants to demonstrate how the internet of things can be used to connect people and make a political vision tangible. We should not leave the european idea to politicians, lawmakers and global businesses alone - finding europe with lights wants to demonstrate that we can build ties between european citizens and make us aware of each others by using technology.


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